Acronym Meaning Notes
ARR Arrival milestone
AWB Air Way Bill
AWD The arrival documentation has been physically delivered to the consignee of the consignee's agent on this date at this location
AWR Document acceptance into import office at destination airport
BL BaseLine Baseline version of a Routemap
BT British Telecom
C2K Cargo 2000
CAN Cancellation Message Used for Inter-CDMP communication
CCS Cargo Community Service

(Exchange/Forward messages)

CDMP Cargo 2000 Data Management Platform The role of the CDMP is to:

- Accepts and retains from the forwarder system a route plan for each shipment. - Monitor the movement of each shipment (documents and freight) from the time of receipt by the forwarder from the shipper to the time of delivery to the consignee. - Movement along the cycle through the forwarder, carrier, broker, GHA etc will be monitored using smart scanning at document and freight individual piece level. -The CDMP will monitor the progress of the freight and documents against pre-set and agreed timelines set out in the route map. - Alert participants to any failures against the cycle control framework. - Provide triggers for selected events in the MOP. - The existing member / participant systems will be responsible for route planning, bar coding, piece level identity and smart scanning.

CSV Comma Separated Value
DEP Departure of a flight (or scheduled truck) FSU message sent to update milestone
Direct Trucking A “direct truck” is a carrier-operated truck (under that’s carriers designation) that transports freight to or from a specific customer/forwarder at a location without the freight being handled at the carrier’s (or their designated service provider’s) origin and / or destination airport location.
Discrepancy A failure to meet an explicit prerequisite
DLV Delivery of Freight at Destination The consignment has been physically delivered to the consignee or the Consignee's agent on this date at this location.
EDI Electronic Data Interchange
Exception A procedure established and written by Cargo 2000 to provide the guidelines for prompt and accurate recording of Exception Codes, which are essential to help improve performance by understanding the reasons why discrepancies occur and thereby implement processes and procedures to reduce such failures.
EHCP Exception Handling Code Procedure Specification how to handle Exception and advise Partner
FLT Flight
FSA Freight Status Answer Cargo-IMP standard message
FSR Freight Status Request Cargo-IMP standard message
FSU Freight Status Update Cargo-IMP standard message
FTP File Transfer Protocol
FWB Forwarders' Electronic Master Air Waybill Electronic message sent including Airway Bill data
GUI Graphical User Interface
Grace Period Grace Period refers to the period of 60 minutes after an event occurs which is allowed for a member to send a message to its CDMP. After 60 minutes, the event fails on the Messaging Report. It does not allow an actual event to occur later than the milestone time calculated by its offset.
IATA International Air Transport Association
IMP Cargo Implementation Message
IN Initial Initial version of the Routemap
IT Information Technology
LV Live Live version of a Routemap
MEX Milestone Exception Message Used for Inter-CDMP communication
MOP Master Operating Plan
NFD Notification that Freight & Docs are ready for pickup by Forwarder The consignee or the consignee’s agent has been notified, on this date at this location, of the arrival of the consignment.
Offset(s) Offset is the time agreed upon between carrier and forwarder by when a certain event must have happened. (e.g. RCS offset = The shipment must be ready for carriage in control of the carrier 120 minutes prior to scheduled departure of the aircraft)
OSI Other Status Information
PDF POrtable Ducument Format
PIMA Participant Information Messaging Address
RCF Freight Acceptance at destination The consignment has been physically received from a given flight or surface transport of the given airline.
RCS Freight checked in at Departure Airline The consignment has been physically received from the shipper or the shipper's agent on this date at this location
RMP Route Map Plan
RP RePlanned Replanned version of a Routemap
SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
SPL Special Handling Code
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